Linyi IBC Trade Service Corporation is a service agency for import and export activities, which is specially set up for promoting the internationalization of Linyi International Business City and is affiliated with the Allied Chambers of Int'l Business of Linyi City. It mainly aims at providing all-round import and export services to any potential companies throughout Linyi, and help them expand and strengthen their volume and quality of international business under the coordination and guidance of Linyi IBC Management Committee and International Trade Service Center.
Following the deployment of the local government authorities and under the principle of "Service Only", the company will deliberately concentrate on upgrading its service function and providing considerate and professional import and export operations for all principals and thus makes active contributions to the internationalization of Linyi International Business City.

服务经营机构(Service Departments)

  • 1、进出口代理部:承接代理进出口业务,为客户提供一站式的跟踪服务。
  • 1. Import and Export Agency Department:To undertake import and export agency business and render one-stop services.
  • 2、储运制单部:报验通关、租船订舱、审证制单、内海集装箱运输和咨询服务。
  • 2. Transportation & Documentation Department:To arrange and offer CIQ inspection, Customs clearance, shipping forwarding, documentation, inland container transportation and business counselling.
  • 3、财务融资部:审证审单、交单结汇、打包押汇、出口报税和退税、担保融资、国际国内结算和政策兑现。
  • 3. Accounting & Financing Department:To arrange documents verification and presentation, foreign exchange collection, packing credit, negotiation, export tax declaration and refund, secured financing, international settlement and subsidy redemption.
  • 4、综合事业部:行政服务和后勤保障。
  • 4. Administrative Department:To guarantee administrative service and support.

服务经营范围(Service & Business Scope)

  • 1、帮助企业开拓国际市场,全方位代理进出口业务;
  • 1. To help enterprises to open international market channels and provide all-round agency services;
  • 2、代办商植检、租船订舱,通关制单,收汇核销和出口退税业务;
  • 2. To handle commodity inspection/plant quarantine, shipping forwarding, Customs clearance, documentation, foreign exchange write-offs and export tax refund;
  • 3、帮助企业打包、押汇和融资;
  • 3. To help the principals secure packing and documentary credit under L/C and D/P, and financing;
  • 4、代办国际结算,提前垫付出口退税;
  • 4. To handle international settlements and disburse export refund in advance;
  • 5、协助申领进出口许可证或配额;
  • 5. To assist enterprises to apply for licenses or quotas needed for import and export;
  • 6、提供英语、俄语、法语、日语、韩语和阿拉伯语口笔译服务;
  • 6. To offer foreign languages translation and interpretation of English, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean and Arabic;
  • 7、协助国际商务谈判和签署外销合同;
  • 7. To assist in international business negotiation and contract signing;
  • 8、帮助企业出国考察和商品展销;
  • 8. To help enterprises make overseas market investigations and attend exhibitions;
  • 9、帮助企业建设外文网站;
  • 9. To help the principals establish websites in foreign languages;
  • 10、为外商提供采购代理和验货服务;
  • 10. To serve as foreign buyers' purchase and inspecting agent;
  • 11、提供外贸、外语培训和国际贸易咨询等其他服务。
  • 11. To provide foreign trade and language training, business counselling and the other services.
  • 地址:山东省临沂市双岭路与临西九路交汇处(顺和集团大厦)
  • 电话:4001539868  传真:+86-539-2655507
  • 业务部:17853939606  17853939608
  • 制单部:17853939609  17853939616
  • 储运部:17853939618  17853939619
  • 邮箱:ibcservice@ibcservice.cn
  • Address:North of Linxi 9 Road,276000,Linyi,Shandong,China
  • Tel:4001539868  Fax:+86-539-2655507
  • Business Department:17853939606  17853939608
  • Documentation Department:17853939609  17853939616
  • Transportation Department:17853939618  17853939619
  • Email:ibcservice@ibcservice.cn
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